There are a large volume of reports, documents, and communications that have been prepared for (or are related to) the Colliery Dams. This list encompasses the items considered to be of most relevance by those who are understandably concerned about proceeding forth with a remediation solution without completing proper due diligence.

For posterity sake, items that were previously relevant in 2013 and earlier when the dams had been misdiagnosed as being unstable in a seismic event due to similar circumstances have been included. If due diligence had not been completed at that time towards seismic concerns, the dams would have been removed at a cost upwards of $10 million.

The City is in the same situation again – flood concerns have not been properly addressed, and assumptions have been made on incomplete and theoretical information. Yet again, the imminent sense of urgency to take action has been applied by the Dam Safety Section and they are applying extreme pressure to move forward with a remediation plan without completing necessary due diligence. The dams are not in immediate danger, and it is not in the community’s best interests to spend millions of dollars before it’s been proven necessary.

If you simply want to find out the high level information in order to get a better understanding, see Get the Facts.


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