How Can I Take Action?

Well, the first thing you can do to show your support is to sign the petition! After that you can help bring awareness to others by sharing the petition on your social media outlets and groups, and share this site.

But don’t stop there…

There have been hundreds of volunteers who have stepped forward throughout the two and a half years since the fight to save our park from unnecessary destruction, began. Not just one or two people have been responsible for saving our dams, but hundreds.

We have drawn on the amazing skills of many who have offered, from engineering to letter writing to showing up at council meetings and everything in between. If you would like to join us there are many ways you can help.

If you have a particular skill that you think would assist us in our efforts we would be very appreciative. Some of the volunteer tasks we are currently seeking are:

  • Letter writers (to council, the newspaper, etc)
  • Coming to council meetings when the Dam is on the agenda
  • Legal advice
  • Research
  • Understanding/interpreting legal and scientific documents
  • People with experience in non profit societies
  • Artists to showcase the park
  • Videographers
  • Information/communication sharing

If you think have skills that you could offer but are not listed we would like to hear from you too!

You can email or phone us directly at 250-753-0554.